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Vinai Prakash Training Excel in 2011
Vinai Prakash Training Excel in Singapore

Today, clients, managers, decision makers need to have the skills to sift through high volume of data, and be able to summarize the key information into actionable insights. They need to be able to look at KPIs, ROI, and hundreds of indicators that can quickly tell about the health of your business.

Creating Dynamic Dashboard Reports with Microsoft Excel is a fantastic way. You can play what-if, do scenario analysis, slice and dice the information in quick steps, be able to see the past, the possibilities, and predict the future, based on current data.

The Excel Dashboard MasterClass is a practical, hands-on workshop which highlights the key strategies and methods/techniques to use Excel to create Dynamically changing Reports, Charts and Tables.

Excel Dashboards MasterClass: Course Outline

  • Pivot Table Techniques
  • Using Macros to Automate Long Operational Steps to Produce Reports
  • Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Building Dynamic Reports & Charts
  • Creating a Sales Dashboard
  • Creating a Services Dashboard
  • Creating a Human Resources Dashboard
  • Use of Buttons, Check boxes, Dropdowns in creating Dynamic Reports & Dashboards

Excel Dashboards Masterclass Duration: 2 Days

Workshop Format: Practical, Hands-on Exercises using Excel 2016, 2019 or Office 365.

A Participant Guide with explained concepts and Step-by-Step Exercises is provided to each participant.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn several techniques to analyze and present data dynamically, for easy slice and dice, and be able to change views to look at different KPIs with just a click.

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Excel Dashboard Training in Singapore
Excel Dashboard Training in Singapore