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Beginners Learn Python Programming at Intellisoft: Experience Sharing

Today I was pleasantly surprised when over 20 people showed up for Python Programming Training for beginners.

And most of them are not even from IT… they are mostly Business & Finance users… mainly Business Analysts, Research Analysts, but was amazed to see some nurses, people from Finance, CEOs and senior managers coming for this Python programming and appreciation course.

So what is the pull towards Python for these non-IT people?

As I talked with them, I realized that most were interested in the number crunching, data analytic capabilities of Python. Many wanted to know more to grow their knowledge and be more tech savvy

But many mid-career switchers were attracted because of the ample job opportunities available for Data Analyst With Python experience , and it is still a relatively unknown field with very few takers.

After all, most people shrink at the mere thought of Programming – it brings images of long hours, arduous coding practices and geeks…

As the day went by, and we covered Computing Basics – Computational Thinking, Algorithms, Pseudocode, Syntax, Writing Simple Python programs, people began to enjoy the ease with which they were able to write simple, and then some intermediate level Python programs using variables, conditions, loops, procedures and functions, and more.

Learn Python Programming in Singapore

I guess Python is written more for the business people in mind – by simplifying the syntax, and making it easy to write code, spot errors, and fix them. No longer the case with C, C++ or Java, where people are often lost in the see of object oriented concepts, memory allocation, pointers etc.

In the end, a very exhilarating, satisfyingly event that we all enjoyed. This was only Day 1 of our Python Programming training. I’ll tell you more about how the second day of Python training goes…

Python Training Course Information at: https://www.trainingint.com/icdl-computing-python-training-with-wsq-funding-skillsfuture

Stay tuned…

Vinai Prakash
Founder & Principal Trainer, Intellisoft Training

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