Python Training Class in Singapore: An Experience

If yesterday’s Python training class in Singapore was exciting, I can’t wait to tell you the amazing Python code people wrote today – the second day of Computing With Python Training.

We started the day with a recap of the computing fundamentals – flowcharts, building pseudocode, and a brief look at integer, string, Boolean and floating data types, conditionals, for and while loops.

Then we started with the 2 Aggregate Data Types – Tuples & Lists – these are the advanced data types that can help in analyzing big data by holding millions of values in a stack.

The in-built methods available on List data types was mind boggling. We saw how to sort, manipulate and play around with the data elements easily. Once the participants began understanding the multiple use cases of lists and tuples, they began experimenting with them in earnest.

However, the highlight of the day was the creation of our own Python Procedures & Functions. From the simple area of circle, area of rectangle, to sorting a list in a customized manner, functions to clean dirty data, strip away useless characters, and build custom business logic was the most fun part.

Some graphic artists started using recursion to make simple fractal designs in our Python Training Class in Singapore.

An assignment to make a fern leaf programmatically was ardently followed by the whole class, and the program spiraled into an endless loop. Fortunately we interrupted it, and learnt how to check for such infinite loops in programming.

Using standard Python libraries like the math library, time library were fun too, and we got good value generating Toto numbers (the local Singapore lottery)

Most such trainings have a short assessment test at the end, to check the competence of the participants. I am proud to say that everyone was able to pass the assessment easily, and most scored in the high 80s and 90s, and a few even scoring the perfect 100.

In the end, everyone was a winner… After all, Python programming is for everyone – it is the future. So the early we all embrace it, the better it is.

SkillsFuture For Python Training Class in Singapore

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Hope you have applied to learn Python at Intellisoft Singapore. If not, now is a good time… the Python class is open for enrollment for the next month in Singapore. Upon successful completion, you also get a Certificate from SSG Singapore, which can be used in your current job or next job.

Vinai Prakash

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