Best Practices For Managing Emails With Microsoft Outlook

4D Method of Email Processing With Outlook

Afraid of opening your email Inbox? Worried about the deluge of emails you will receive as soon as you open your Outlook Inbox. You need to learn and apply some Best Practices of Email Management, with Microsoft Outlook. Because if you don’t, the problem is surely going to get worse. And then throughout the day, … Read more

Why Learn Python Programming

Beginners Learn Python Programming at Intellisoft: Experience Sharing Today I was pleasantly surprised when over 20 people showed up for Python Programming Training for beginners. And most of them are not even from IT… they are mostly Business & Finance users… mainly Business Analysts, Research Analysts, but was amazed to see some nurses, people from … Read more

Why Are You Holding Back?

Raise Your Hand. A little higher, please. Did you stretch it a bit further this time? Almost everyone does. So why didn’t you raise it the highest the first time? Why did you hold back? This same attitude shows up in almost everything we do. We’re not giving our 100% to our work. We hold back … Read more