Why Are You Holding Back?

Raise Your Hand.

A little higher, please.

Did you stretch it a bit further this time?

Almost everyone does. So why didn’t you raise it the highest the first time?

Why did you hold back?

This same attitude shows up in almost everything we do. We’re not giving our 100% to our work. We hold back something.

Tell me frankly, Are you giving your 100% to your work?

Are you doing your best work ever?

Are you leaving no room for improvement?

If the answer is NO, then think, “Why are you holding back?

Why aren’t you giving your 100%, your best effort to the job you’re doing?

What are you afraid of?

There’s so much in you to give. You have far-reaching knowledge, skills in the depths of your core, but you are not even harnessing it. Most of us are just giving our work a basic, simple effort, just to get by. We’re not striving to make it perfect, make it our best, to deliver quality that matters.

Perhaps there’s not enough time.

Or are you waiting for the perfect timing to show your best work?

Life goes by pretty fast. Suddenly you’re 40, then in a blink, you touch 50, and the retirement years start to loom in the near future. In no time you’ll be 60, and then you’ll begin to regret about what all you wanted to do, things you wanted to achieve, and heights you wanted to scale.

There’s no perfect timing to start writing the novel in you, learn painting, or mesmerize the audience with that stellar presentation. Don’t wait for the golden chance.

Grab the current time. The current chance to do your best. After all, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Why Wait? Don’t live a life of regret, of what it could have been, what you could have done.

Do it. Be it. Dream it. And Accomplish it. After all, you only live once. Don’t lose this chance. It may be your only chance.

Make the current work you’re doing into a piece of art. Make it your Taj Mahal. Build it with passion and energy and teamwork that this work will be “the work” that you will reminiscence about in your retirement days, with your team mates…

“Those were the days… man. What great camaraderie, what passion, it was tough as hell, but we carried on despite all the bottlenecks, roadblock and No-Go decisions. And WE achieved it, despite all odds!”

Craft and build Your Life Story. The Life Story that you will live with all the time… The one that you won’t tire telling your grandkids, again and again.

Don’t hold back. Ever.

Instead, Give.

Give Your Best.

Give that Extra Push to Go Higher, and Higher. And Higher!

Your life’s Mount Everest is waiting to be scaled. Scale it.

Do your Ikigai – the stuff you were created to do in life.  The one that you’re created for.

The World is Waiting for Your Gift, Your Art, Your Masterpiece.

Don’t hold back. Ever!

Vinai Prakash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/prakash_vinai