Data Interpretation & Analysis

Vinai conducts Data Interpretation Workshop in Singapore
Vinai conducts Data Interpretation Workshop in Singapore

Today, we are sitting on mountains of data arriving in Reports, Charts, ERP systems, and raw data in the form of Text Files, CSV files, Excel files.

There simply is not enough time to analyze the data, interpret it. And before you can process this lot, more data arrives.

Without using any expensive Business Intelligence Tools like Business Objects, Hyperion, Cognos, or SAP, Vinai teaches simple and practical tips to analyze data using Microsoft Excel.

Data Interpretation & Analysis: Workshop Outline

  • Predictive Analytics using
    • Correlation,
    • Linear Regression,
    • Multiple Step-wise Regression,
    • Forecasting Techniques,
    • Descriptive Summary Measures
  • Statistical Modeling Techniques
  • Data Analysis With Excel
    • Pivot Table – Advanced Pivot Table Techniques
    • Goal Seek
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Data Tables
    • Various Advanced Charting Techniques

Data Interpretation Workshop Duration: 2 Days

Workshop Format: Practical, Hands-on Exercises using Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 or Excel 2016.

A Participant Guide with explained concepts and Step-by-Step Exercises is provided to each participant.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn several techniques to analyze data, interpret data using only Microsoft Excel. Be able to do advanced data analysis using Pivot Tables, Correlation, Regression, Forecasting within a short time.

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