Why Are You Holding Back?

Raise Your Hand. A little higher, please. Did you stretch it a bit further this time? Almost everyone does. So why didn’t you raise it the highest the first time? Why did you hold back? This same attitude shows up in almost everything we do. We’re not giving our 100% to our work. We hold back … Read more

Excel Dashboards MasterClass

Today, clients, managers, decision makers need to have the skills to sift through high volume of data, and be able to summarize the key information into actionable insights. They need to be able to look at KPIs, ROI, and hundreds of indicators that can quickly tell about the health of your business. Creating Dynamic Dashboard … Read more


Vinai Prakash’s articles appear in leading magazines, newspapers, online ezines, and books all around the world. Turning Data Into Information: Published in The Straits Times Newspaper, in Singapore 7 Habits to Succeed As a Project Manager: Published in The Straits Times Newspaper, in Singapore Top 10 Tips to Run an E-Commerce Website: Published in Streetwise … Read more